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Speech and Drama

P1  - P2, 1 hr 30 mins

P3 - P5, 1 hr 45 mins

The Chinese Speech and Drama classes help young children acquire oratory competency and confidence in presentation through theatrical games, sensory exercises, body language training and role-playing. Through the programme, children will learn good enunciation and pronunciation in the use of Mandarin.



P3  & above, 1 hr 45 mins

(Audition Required)

Specially designed to nurture young talents who have keen interest in broadcasting. The course draws on the vast resources and rich experience of our teachers and includes a series of hands-on recording in a real studio environment.


Creative Writing

P2 - P6, 2 hr

The Chinese Creative Writing course aims to equip students with a rich vocabulary and writing techniques, enabling them to write succinctly and vividly, and produce interesting stories to capture a reader’s attention. 


Foundation Chinese

P1, 1 hr 30 mins

The Primary 1 Chinese Foundation course is curated to help children transit and adapt to the formal learning of the Chinese language in Primary school and is aligned to Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Primary School curriculum, including the list of vocabulary and phrases commonly used.

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Consolidation Chinese

P2 - P6, 2 hr

The Consolidation Chinese course reinforces the foundation of the Chinese language through comprehension, sentence construction and word structure. It also enhances the student’s vocabulary and writing techniques. We also strive to instil good values and develop good character in our students.


Show & Tell

P1, 1 hr 30 mins

The Primary 1 Show & Tell course is developed to help children with the basics of listening, reading and comprehension of the Chinese language, and enhance their oral and presentation competency. Our Oral Practice (i.e. Picture Description) is based on MOE's oral examination format. 


Calligraphy & Chinese Painting

P1  & above, 1 hr 30 mins

Children will acquire knowledge on Chinese Heritage while learning brush techniques that depict the rhythm, lines and abstract beauty embodied in this ancient form of expression.

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